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Shakespeare Lecture Series

Shakespeare Lecture Series
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    Pastor Ralph Allan Smith

    For Home School and Christian School Students


    "The Story of Macbeth, as we have it in Shakespeare,

    belongs to that great cycle of temptation themes which,

    developing naturally from the story of the fall in the Genesis narrative,

    became in the Middle Ages the legend of the man who sells his soul

    to the devil in exchange for fortune, power, or universal knowledge."*



    1. Macbeth: Introduction [RealAudio] [MP3]

    2. Macbeth and Adam [RealAudio] [MP3]

    3. Macbeth and Saul [RealAudio] [MP3]

    Overview of Macbeth

    1. Act One, Scene 1-4 [RealAudio] [MP3]


    Books Recommended in Talks

    Peter J. Leithart, Brightest Heaven of Invention: A Christian Guide To Six Shakespeare Plays

    Peter J. Leithart, Heroes Of The City Of Man

    Naseb Shaheen, Biblical References in Shakespeare's Plays

    Roy Battenhouse, Shakespeare's Christian Dimension: An Anthology of Commentary

    Steven Marx, Shakespeare and the Bible


    * Henry Norman Hudson, ed. The Tragedy of Macbeth in The New Hudson Shakespeare.

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