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Biblical Studies

The Trinitarian Covenant in John 17  (11 pages)

This is a slightly revised version of an essay that originally appeared in Biblical Horizons, No. 100, December 1997. It offers an exegetical basis for the doctrine of a covenant between the Persons of the Trinity.

Introduction to the Bible: The Covenantal Structure of the Bible  (13 pages)

The Bible is a covenantal book. This does not, however, mean what it is often taken to mean. The covenant is not a static, once for all "contract" that defines a way for man to approach God. Though some reformed theologians today view the covenant in more or less static and contractual terms, traditional Reformed theology long ago recognized the dynamic growth of revelation through a series of covenants culminating in the new covenant in Christ. This short book, written for young Christians, attempts to introduce the Bible as God's covenantal revelation by following the growth of the covenant to its culmination in Christ.

Notes on Zephaniah  (1 page)

We offer here a short outline and a general approach to this often neglected book of the Old Testament. Time allowing, we will add more notes in the future.

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