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Nozomu Miyahira's
Towards a Theology of the Concord of God

A Review by
Rev. Ralph Allan Smith


I ran across Nozomu Miyahira's Towards a Theology of the Concord of God looking through a book catalogue from a relatively small, elite Ancient Near Eastern book dealer.[1] Having lived in Japan for 20 years and being seriously interested in the doctrine of the Trinity, I could not pass it up. Later, it came as no little surprise to me to discover that members of my own congregation in Tokyo and friends at the Kobe Theological Hall knew Dr. Miyahira well. This makes my job as a reviewer difficult, since I disagree with Dr. Miyahira's thesis. I wish to briefly explain why I disagree, with due respect to this promising young Japanese theologian, in the interest of deeper thought on the doctrine of the Trinity and the relationship between doctrine and culture. I also share Dr. Miyahira's concern with the condition of the Japanese church and will offer what I believe may be some of the reasons for its present stagnation.


[1] Nozomu Miyahira, Towards a Theology of the Concord of God: A Japanese Perspective on the Trinity (Carlisle: Paternoster Press, 2000).


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