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The Covenantal Kingdom

by Rev. Ralph Allan Smith


This book began in 1986 as one chapter of a report on Christian Reconstructionist theology delivered at a meeting of the Japanese Evangelical Theological Society. What was then a description of a theological movement has become over time a confession of my own faith.

My thanks to Dr. Gary North who graciously critiqued an earlier version of this book. His detailed comments were helpful and encouraging. I am also grateful to my friends David R. Thomas, whose corrections of my English have made this book more readable, and Christopher Witmer, whose proof-reading has reduced the number of typographical and other errors.

I owe a special debt to Dr. Paul D. Lindstrom and the Church of Christian Liberty in Arlington Heights, Illinois, through whose sponsorship I am able to serve God as a missionary in Japan and through whose publication ministry I am able to put this into print. My sincere thanksgiving to God for Dr. Lindstrom and the congregation of the Church of Christian Liberty.

My final thanks go to my wife, Sylvia, whose patience and pains have contributed immensely not only to this book, but also to my entire life and thought as a Christian minister. She has helped in every aspect of this project in more ways than I can mention. I dedicate this book to her with thanksgiving to God for giving me such a helper in Christ: "Many daughters have done worthily, but thou excellest them all."

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