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The following essays on various topics attempt to state a Christian perspective on the topics mentioned. The general aim of these essays is to provoke and encourage Christians to take seriously their faith in the Triune God and to apply that faith to every area of life.

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Interpreting the Covenant of Works (6 pages)

A short essay pointing out that Reformed theologians do not agree on the interpretation of the Covenant of Works. Four diverse approaches are introduced, all held by men who are orthodox Reformed theologians.

The Covenant of Works: A Litmus Test for Reformed Theology? (1 page)

Should the doctrine of the Covenant of Works be a litmus test for Reformed orthodoxy? This essay argues that it should not.

Why Bertrand Russell Was Not A Christian  (5 pages)

At the Battersea Town Hall on March 27, 1927, sponsored by the National Secular Society, Bertrand Russell delivered the famous lecture entitled "Why I Am Not a Christian." . . .  It should be pointed out in passing that Russell's pontifications about history have all the characteristics of the dogmatic religious narrowness and bigoted ignorance that he professed to loathe. No historian, Christian or non-Christian, would ever make the kind of simplistic assertions that Russell made.  More....

The Covenantal Kingdom: A Brief Summary of the Biblical Argument for Postmillennialism  (23 pages)

1) Does Christ return at the end of history? 2) Will the Holy Spirit succeed in converting the majority of the human race by the Gospel? Answer these questions Biblically, and eschatology is saved from the rhetorical fog of endless theological disputation. The postmillennialist believes that the Biblical answers to these two simple but theologically decisive questions demonstrate the truth of the postmillennial position.  More....

Paradox and Truth: Rethinking Van Til on the TRINITY by Comparing Van Til, Plantinga, and Kuyper

Trinity and Covenant: The Christian Worldview

Introduction to the Bible: The Covenantal Structure of the Bible

Zen: A Trinitarian Critique

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